Online Blackjack Variations

Online Blackjack has branched out from its live partner in many ways. In a casino you may find only 1 or 2 variations of the game, and they will still be very similar with only slight variations. These differences may only be how many decks are used or special stipulations that allow the dealer to hit on a soft 17. These small changes don’t make for very much variety. With online Blackjack you can open up a whole new world of playing and add a little variety into your life. Below are a few of the many different forms of Blackjack that can be played online.

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Blackjack Switch

This version is one of my favorites and it plays much like original online Blackjack. The main difference comes in the deal. You are dealt two hands instead of only one. After you are dealt the 2 hands you can take the last 2 cards dealt in each hand and switch them with each other. If you have a ten in one hand and the Ace was given to you in the other hand, you can switch the Ace to the hand with the ten giving you an instant 21. If you choose to switch the cards out, the hands then play the same as you would a normal hand of Blackjack.

Double Exposure Blackjack

In regular Blackjack only one of the dealers cards are dealt face up, leaving you guessing on if they do that have that ten when the Ace is dealt to them. In Double Exposure, both cards of the dealer are dealt face up allowing you to see the total of his hand before making any decisions.

You still play the hand out as you would in regular Blackjack, but you now have the advantage of seeing the dealer cards. To offset this huge advantage, you will only be paid even money when dealt 21 as opposed to 3:2. You also lose all ties instead of getting your money back like regular Blackjack.

Side Bet Blackjack.

This form of online Blackjack isn’t that much different form regular Blackjack, but it does offer a little fun and variety to the game. Before each hand you are allowed to place a side bet on whether or not the dealers up card will be red or black. You win even money on each bet won and the rest of the hand will play out as a normal hand of Blackjack would.

Regardless of what form of Blackjack you play, just know that there are many forms to choose from. Online Blackjack offers players much more variety to a gamblers life.

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